ask anything compadre!

iM Malengil I´m a young artist that only want fun :D, I´m 20 years old
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Anonymous asked: Your mom doesn't want your brother to be like you because you're obviously to cool for your little brother's mind to handle

thank you so much for the message 

I…I really needed

thank you really

that your mother tell you: do not get me wrong but I dont want that your little brother be like you…it dosent hurt…nop 

hanieuchimaki asked: Some says there will be no manga naruto 690 today due to japan government policy on releasing raws.

yes I heard that too

:c I want my manga

my entry for the contest of: Ava´s Demon

I hope you like it

she is Erato the demon

he is joan the guy

she use the pencil to draw using the light